Operation Exodus II


The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled today!

In august 1974, God by his grace gave to Steve Lightle a vision of the liberation of the Jewish people from behind the iron curtain to Israel. In 1983, Steve wrote about this vision in his book, developed into “Best Seller”, Exodus II.

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In this book Steve explains the reason why God is leading his Jewish people back to Israel and answers important questions that all people should know before explosive events of the future occur.

Since the end of the year 1990 more than 900,000 Jewish people have emigrated from the former Soviet Union to Israel. The Bible has much to say about this and the reasons behind this event. The scriptures reveal that this will happen in the “last days”.

The return of the Soviet Jewish people is only the beginning of other things. The Jewish people of all the nations (including the USA) will return to Israel. These events will detonate an evangelism without precedent and it will have to do with the end times.


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