The light of His Word


God is at work in Latin America as we seek to help Jewish people go home to Israel, counter replacement theology in the churches and challenge Christians to prayer and being involved practically.

There has been a wonderful response in churches particularly in Brazil, Guatemala and Paraguay.

Praying at the Pilcomayo river border with Argentina.

In the northern regions of Argentina our representative, Juan Carlos Maldonado, is not only finding strong replacement theology in churches but also hunger for prophetic understanding — which is also apparent in the south of the country. In Buenos Aires, where we are opening an office close to the Jewish Agency, an association of pastors regard Ebenezer’s teaching on Israel as important to Argentina.

Venezuela is a challenge to Ebenezer’s work because of the insecurity and restrictions on travel within the country. Also, very few churches are concerned about Israel. There we are seeking a new aliyah highway. Following a conference in February, 150 people are now praying for the Jewish people.