Like doves to their nests

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Zhanna, Zhanna, do you remember me? I was in Haifa, Israel, and I turned to find it was Gulnara from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Years ago Yuri, my dear late husband, and I had visited her mother, Lyubov, a number of times before she made aliyah. She declined the opportunity to go to Israel because she was happy in Uzbekistan living with her younger son, Farkhad, who had a good job. But Gulnara’s sister, Lola, was very interested in making aliyah and began to prepare her documents.

Then Farkhad lost his job and his thoughts started turning towards Israel. He began preparations to go. Eventually Lyubov also saw the sense in this, which prompted many others in the family to think about aliyah. While they were all busy getting their documents together Gulnara and Lola went to Israel on the Naale study programme — the first family members to fly like ‘doves to their nests’ (Isaiah 60:8) and settle in Israel! It was wonderful to meet up with the family in the Land after many years and see that God is prospering them!


Zhanna with Gulnara and her family in Haifa.

This family was one of a number from Uzbekistan I visited while in Israel early this year. I was met on arrival at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, by Igor and Natasha. They and their youngest son made aliyah last August. It was wonderful to see that they were happy and thankful to God for their new life. Igor enjoys his work tiling
bathrooms, as does Natasha looking after two elderly people. Their son is a student. Life is better than in Tashkent, where Igor could not find permanent work.


Alla’s family, including daughter Renata and her baby.

Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves to their nests? – Isaiah 60:8

Natasha went with me to visit Alla and her two daughters. When they made aliyah in 2003 the youngest daughter, Renata, was seven and had a speech impediment. Incredibly, she is now fluent in Hebrew, as if it is her mother tongue! She and her sister are now married with children of their own. It was very encouraging to see other families from Uzbekistan settled in the Promised Land!
Please pray for Zhanna and her team as they help Jewish people go home to Israel from Uzbekistan.