Engage:Israel 24th July – 7th August 2017

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Engage:Israel - Join us for 14 action-packed days in Israel

We invite you to be part of Engage:israel 2017 an action packed young adults trip to Israel. Your Bible will come alive as you discover God’s heart for the land and its people. You’ll take part in some great activities, receive excellent teaching and make new friends for life along the way! The trip will be physically, spiritually and emotionally charged, so get ready!

$1590.00 USD * All inclusive *excl. flights and some lunches.

Visit Jerusalem

…the city of the King! Engage in prayer as we walk on the city walls, wade through Hezekiah’s ancient water tunnel which winds its way under the City of David. Stroll along the famous Ben Yehuda Street and experience Israeli cafe culture. Enjoy a worship session with local believers. Visit Yad Vashem, the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust, listen to a Rabbi’s teaching and tour an Israeli settlement. Visit the famous Western Wall and experience a traditional Shabbat meal with Israeli’s.
View Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, spend some reflective time in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden Tomb. Explore the Old City with its narrow walk ways and shops, negotiate the best price for unique souvenirs!

The Lord builds up Jerusalem; He gathers together the outcasts of Israel. – Psalms 147:2

  • Powerful Worship Times

    Join with young adults from across the world and experience God’s awesome presence as you worship Him throughout Israel.

  • Excellent Bible Teaching

    See the Bible turn from black & white into full colour thanks to great bible teaching at places where Jesus walked and taught.

  • Fun in the Dead Sea

    A fantastic experience not to be missed as you float near the surface. See the breathtaking beauty of Israel whilst hiking and swimming in the Golan and enjoy a hilarious camel ride in the Negev!

Watch the Bible come alive

…as we walk where Jesus walked in Galilee, see where He taught on Mt. Beatitudes and Capernaum, take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee taking in similar sights and sounds that His disciples would have experienced 2000 years ago.

Experience first hand

…the conditions the Israeli army are facing as they defend the northern border with Lebanon. Spend time talking with the soldiers and encourage them by giving a small gift. Hike through the beautiful nature park of Nachal Yehudiya taking in the breathtaking beauty that Israel has to offer.

Discover Jericho, one of the oldest cities in the world, meet with local Arab believers, make a difference as we reach out with a service project to bless the local community. Understand the political situation as you get a close look at the security fence. Experience an Israeli checkpoint as the sensitivity of Israel’s security is explained to you. In Sderot we will meet young Israelis who have endured many years of rocket terror from the Gaza strip.

Enjoy the beauty of the Negev desert

…exploring its wilderness, go camel trekking, sleep out under the stars, experience Bedouin food and enjoy a time of worship around a camp fire. Bless and encourage the local community with practical service opportunities. Swim and relax in the Dead Sea, an experience not to be missed as you float very near the surface. Wallow in Dead Sea mud which revitalizes the skin.

Turbo-charge yourself in Haifa with a day of insightful, biblical teaching of God’s heart and mind for Israel, the Church, the Nations and the End-Times. Attend a Messianic congregation, visit Elijah’s Mountain, engage in 24 hours of prophetic worship and proclamation with musicians and teams from various countries. Spend time with a group of Messianic young Israelis in Ashdod. Enjoy an evening with praise and worship with an Israeli style BBQ, make some new Israeli friends.