• Love in Action

    Ebenezer gives humanitarian aid to many Jewish people that live in extreme poverty, that survive on paupers pensions or rarely received wages. We give them food, clothing, medicines and other necessities. This Christian love in action opens many doors for these people to listen and respond to the call of God to return to Israel.

    Thank you for your continued support. May the Lord bless you abundantly this year.

    Our Ongoing Projects

    Some of the projects we are currently supporting are:

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  • Love in Action

    • Blessing Holocaust Survivors

      Every month for the past five years we have been providing elderly Jewish people with medicines they have been unable to afford. They are Holocaust survivors — those who live with the most…

    • Helping Ethiopian Children in Israel

      Thanks to Ebenezer, many of the thousands of Ethiopian olim who have made aliyah are receiving a wonderful education at Yemin Orde Youth Village near Haifa. Yemin Orde is an international…

    • Operación Éxodo - Suministro de Ayuda

      Keeping warm – Thanks to you!

      Our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of many Jewish people goes out to all of you who financially support our vital humanitarian aid work here in the Russian Far East. Thanks to your generou…

    • Seeing God at work during Hanukkah

      Travelling to Ukraine to help with last month’s Hanukkah Project was one of the most humbling and eye-opening journeys we have embarked upon. We were based in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, …

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A Christian ministry helping the Jewish people return to Israel